Saturday, July 23, 2011

papa bear

Do not disturb Papa Bear.  He is loving and kind, but he is also overworked and, thus, quite moody after a long day.  He is from a bygone generation that has a drink and a cigarette to unwind after work.  Papa Bear speaks only when necessary.  He won't tell you much of what he knows.  He understands what you can and cannot handle, and chooses not to overexpose your mind just yet.  Papa Bear commands a room and commandeers respect.  He loves Mama Bear, though he doesn't always know how to show it.  He is secretive.  He does not believe in allowances.  He paid to put you through school and demands you do the best you're able to do.  He protects his family fiercely, no matter what mess you've gotten yourself into.  For this, you cannot help but love him.   

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